Self-Service Kiosks:

A Tactile and Inclusive Revolution.

By: Mauricio Ávila

The current digital era is marked by one word: interactivity. Our society has adapted to it, we all seek self-management and streamlining of processes, and in this universe of self-service, Touch Screen systems have positioned themselves as an essential ally.

Touch Screen systems are applied in a wide range of digital displays. From the initial CRT modules, this technology has quickly spread to plasma, LCD and now even LED displays. Over time, the accuracy, reliability and durability of this technology have improved significantly, generating confidence and making it indispensable in various activities.

Today, the most commonly used touch screen technology could be classified as resistive, capacitive and infrared. The latter has gained ground, providing an enhanced user experience. The ability to withstand millions of touches speaks to their effectiveness and generates the confidence needed for widespread use.

With more than 17 years of experience in the development of Touch Screen systems, Electronika has the capacity to implement solutions from 7 inches to as far as our customer's imagination can take them. Our systems can withstand direct sunlight and offer a pleasant tactile and clear sensation offering multitouch capability. In addition, they are compatible with the latest operating systems and offer warranties in excess of three years.

We are experts in the implementation of these systems, either indoor or outdoor. And as importers and designers of this technology, we are proud to offer even the latest Microsoft designs, such as the Surface HUB 2s 84 Inches, by the way one of our corporate clients already enjoys these units and is privileged to be the first in Latin America to get this solution. Don't worry, Electronika always has a Touch Screen solution for you.

Behind our Touch Screen modules, there is our dedicated development team, ready to generate easy and user-friendly interfaces. At Electronika, our priority is to allow users to always get the right information in an easy way, through an effective and pleasant interactivity.


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