Conference Rooms

Power your meetings with our conference rooms.

Transform your conference rooms into highly efficient collaboration spaces. We integrate the latest technology, from videoconferencing systems to interactive whiteboards, with the best acoustics and ergonomic design to ensure your meetings are productive and smooth.


Our systems are intuitive and easy to use. Start a video conference, share your screen or present with a single click. With Electronika, saying goodbye to technical problems has never been easier.

Audio systems

Multiple types of microphones

Video systems

Touchscreen Solutions


Table socket


Interactive boards

Video matrices

Automation systems 

Recording systems

Conference cameras


Air conditioning

Civil works


Every organization is unique, and so are its collaboration needs.

At Electronika, we adapt our solutions to your specific requirements, guaranteeing a workspace that reflects your corporate culture and objectives.

Support and Maintenance

We offer comprehensive support to ensure that your videoconferencing rooms are always operational. 

From installation to maintenance and user training, Electronika takes care of everything.

After-Sales Service


All our products have warranty, this includes hardware and software. We are B2B of the best brands in the market.

Digital Content

Electronika offers as a complement to its projects, content players with which you can run touch applications or play high definition videos that together with a control software will allow you to manage the content.


Our stands and mounting bases are perfect for your project. With the experience that characterizes us of several years in the market we know the solution that your company may need.

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